solo shows
12.11.12 empty bottle
05.20.12 township
12.01.10 empty bottle w/ diamond rings
09.06.10 empty bottle w/ aleks eva
07.28.10 double door
04.01.10 darkroom, chicago TPOS record release
08.28.09 darkroom w/ clique talk and atari ferrari, chicago
05.28.09 subterranean, chicago
04.16.09 darkroom, chicago w/ clique talk and LMNOP
04.25.08 south union arts, chicago
04.12.08 heart of gold, chicago w/ LMNOP
02.15.08 subterranean, chicago FTDF record release
07.20.07 double door, chicago w/ aleks and the drummer
03.19.07 empty bottle, chicago w/ LMNOP & datarock
03.02.07 ronny’s, chicago w/ menowah & LMNOP
06.28.06 empty bottle, chicago LLLP record release w/ fetor
08.31.05 quimby’s, chicago
05.22.05 the beat kitchen, chicago