Formerly of the Chicago psychedelic-guitar-rock band ‘sally,’ Charlie’s solo music is primarily electronic in production. It has been described as ‘typically not what I am looking for’ but ‘on repeat’ none-the-less. Charlie has shared the stage with Crystal Castles, Diamond Rings, Datarock, Aleks & The Drummer, LMNOP, and Clique Talk.

The live band includes Deric Criss, formerly of Aleks & The Drummer, and Nick Harvey. Charlie also participates in side projects, such as: Wavewalker.

By day, Charlie works as a product designer at WhatsApp.

Thanks to: Joey Hagedorn, Keith Burzinski, Mark Berlin, Melissa Neis,
Deric Criss, Karsten Wiese, Jeff Shafar, Brennan Madden,
Nick Harvey, Jesse McLean, Manny Sanchez, Adam Grossi, etc.